Quick, simple, easy, grab & go


The easiest way to stay on track is to be prepared for every moment.

Hunger can sneak up on you, things happen to derail your dinner plans or you just have the munchies….If you are prepared, you will always be fine.

I keep some of these items in my car, at my desk at work, in my back pack/purse. Here are some ideas….

(The items and brands listed below are just my favorites, I am not compensated by anyone for my opinions)

I am not super strict about ingredients, so some of these items might not work for you, take the suggestions you like and find other ideas to go with them. I look for items that are extreme low carb (0-3 net in most cases)

Protein bars seem like a simple option, but so many of them are super high carb. Buy a box of ones you like and keep them stashed for when you need them.


Quest Hero Bars are amazing, almost like a candy bar.

These are not a bar, but Quest Cookies are full of protein and very filling. Great dessert, too.

Pre-made shakes can get you out of the house when you are running late.

  • Premier Protein are pretty good all on their own, they make great chia pudding and can be added to coffee like creamer.
  • KetoLogic is probably my favorite, it’s a powder but mixes easily and tastes good. They also have MCT oil in them.
  • AdvantEdge is good, just make sure you get the Carb Control rather than the High Protein (unless that’s what you’re looking for)

There are so many bars, shakes, fat bomb pouches, protein puffs and other snacks on the market now, some are great but always check ingredients and nutrition facts before purchase. Some say keto and really are not.

Yogurt is a simple and healthy option too. I prefer YQ (plain), it’s the lowest carb full dairy yogurt available at 2 carbs per 5.3 oz serving. It has nothing in it but milk and yogurt cultures and the added bonus of being lactose free. If you can’t find YQ, Two Good or :Ratio are also good at 3 carbs per serving, and it’s much easier to find. add a few berries and some grain free granola and you can make this a meal.

Cookies, muffins, snack cakes, mug cakes, or fat bombs...they can all be made in advance and used for snacks whenever you are in need.

Nut and seeds are a great snack for a little protein, some fats and that salty craving we all get.

This chart shows the differences between the kinds of nuts. Watch for extra carbs from flavorings, seasonings and sugar.


Portion control is very important as well as knowing which ones are lowest carbs. I like pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for the munchies. My favorites are SuperSeedz and Spitz. The allowable servings of these are pretty generous.

Snack mix or trail mix – Make your own adding nuts, seeds, cheese crisps, freeze dried berries, sugar free chocolate chips, freeze dried veggies, cut up keto cookies, grain free granola, protein puffs and so on…or buy some, like Keto Farms Snack Mix or Natures Garden Keto Snack Mix

Crunchy and salty is a little harder to find on keto…Try Moon Cheese, Whisps or pork rinds. There are keto friendly crackers out there like Fat Snax, Jillz or Flackers too. More brands and flavors appearing every day.

Keep cut up, ready to eat vegetables in your fridge, eat these with your favorite dip or dressing or even just cream cheese, to tide you over when necessary. Olives and pickles are great too


Cheese and meats can be snacks or part of a meal. String cheese is tasty and fun when the boredom hunger hits. My favorite is Frigo Super String, I also love Smokehouse Gouda snack bites by Sargento, any real, unprocessed cheese will work though. Meat sticks seem easier to find without sugar than jerky, but just find the lowest carb one you can and watch your portions. Tillamook makes a great zero sugar jerky. Pepperoni or salami is great too…add some veggies and dip and you can make a meal out of this. Tuna pouches are available at most stores and lots of deli’s have Panino, which is cheese wrapped in meat like salami or prosciutto.


Grocery stores and convenience stores have options too, like pre-boiled eggs, a Cheesewich, protein bars, meat sticks, deli meat, salad bars, pork rinds, pickles, a can of tuna….

There is always fast food options too, like bunless burgers, breadless sandwiches, taco or burrito bowls, grilled chicken, salads, breakfast bowls or sandwiches without the bread.

There are lots of thing you can premake and keep handy for snack and easy meals too….

Sometimes you need a meal but don’t have the time or energy to cook. Here are some ideas for those times. Little to no cooking required

See here for make ahead ideas.

And here are some breakfast on the go  or some lunch on the go ideas.


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