Lupin Flour Recipes

Lupin flour is an amazing alternative to almond flour in keto baking. The taste and texture is the closest this to non-keto baked goods I have found.

There isn’t much in the way of lupin flour recipes out there, so I am making them as I go. I personally like the Lupina Brand on Amazon.

Lupin flour can be bitter, depending on the brand, and it also needs to be fine ground to enjoy the correct texture. Lupin flour is made from lupini beans which are a cousin to the peanut, people with peanut allergies should be very careful or avoid it completely,

You can also use it in some other recipes, either mixed with almond flour or by itself. You might need to adjust you liquid ingredients a little bit.

Here are some that I have tried successfully…

I will be updating this page frequently with new recipes.

This is what I use.

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  1. So glad to find your lupin flour recipes. I live in Western Australia where these are grown, and have only just discovered lupin as a keto friendly ingredient. Thanks for all your recipes now.


  2. I am trying to make recipes low carb and sugar free. I just made a coffee cake with Lupin Flour.
    Butter 1/2 C, Sucralose 2 C, Eggs 2, Sour Cream 2 cups, Lupin Four 2 C, Salt 1 tsp, Baking Powder 1 tsp. . Put Half in tube Pan and top with Pecans chopped 1 c, Cinnamon 1tsp and 4 Tbls Sucralose. Place rest on top Baked 1 1/2 Hours @ 325 The taste was good but felt starchy when chewing, was a little dry, Batter a little thick. top portion sis not sit on Bottom well. Seperated while eating. Any suggestions! Thanks


    1. I find that lupin flour mixed with almond works a little better. If for some reason you can’t use the almond, try adding a little more liquid…maybe some half & half or HWC. I would also suggest whey protein, 1 scoop adds a lot of fluffiness to most recipes.


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