Little to No Cooking Required

Sometimes we don’t have the time, sometime we’re sick or injured or just don’t want to cook.

Sometimes we can’t cook because we are staying with family or friends, traveling or some people choose not to or just don’t know how.

Here are some ideas for eating keto when you can’t cook. Remember to read all the nutritional info and ingredients when you are using packaged products.

Ready to Eat –

  • Rotisserie chicken… Eat as is or add to wraps/sandwiches, chicken salad
  • Raw veggies with dip
  • Berries
  • Deli meats… Roll up with cheese or make sandwiches/wraps
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt… Add berries and flavoring to keep it exciting
  • Tuna
  • Protein bars, shakes & cookies
  • Precooked shrimp
  • Low carb tortillas… Mission brand is wonderful (contains wheat)
  • Keto crackers… Jillz or Flackers
  • Keto cereal or granola… Magic Spoon is my favorite
  • Add pickles, olives, nuts as a simple side
  • Other Grab & Go ideas

Heat & Eat –

  • Bacon (Microwave style)
  • Hot dogs or sausages
  • Premade hamburger patties
  • Canned or frozen veggies
  • Premade cauliflower mash
  • Pizza bowls… Cheese, veggies & meats, a little sauce and heat until melty and gooey.

Premade –

  • Real Good Food frozen meals
  • Atkins frozen meals (some varieties)
  • Restaurant meals
  • Leftovers from restaurants
  • Salad bars
  • Deli hot foods
  • Frozen egg bites
  • Microwave breakfast bowls… In the grocery refrigerator section
  • Costco options… Chicken skewers, egg bites, heat & eat meats and meals

So Simple –

  • Baked wings… Frozen wings, baked and flavored
  • Crockpot meals… Meats and seasonings, cook all day
  • Eggs… Boiled, deviled, egg salad, even microwaved
  • One minute muffins
  • Bacon (Oven baked)… 20 min @ 400
  • Chia pudding
  • Cheese crisps & shells… Shredded cheese fried in a pan or baked in the oven
  • Pizza on LC tortillas
  • Sandwiches & wraps… Using low carb tortillas, waffles or chaffles, you might even find bread to buy
  • Salads… add shrimp, steak or rotisserie chicken for protein

Quick & Easy –

Tips –

  • Add butter and seasonings for flavor
  • Heinz jarred gravy
  • G Hughes sauces
  • Ragu Double Cheddar sauce
  • Refrigerator or frozen precooked meats… Not great on their own, but added to wraps or salads they are pretty good.

If you want to branch out to other recipes…look here.


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