Holidays – Keto Style

Turkey is easy, just avoid sugar in any rubs or brines you choose to use. I, for one plan on making extra for leftovers. Ham can be slightly more carb heavy, but watch your ingredients and avoid honey or brown sugar, though if you add your own sweeteners at home, that's fine Prime rib or... Continue Reading →

Crispy “Fried” Green Beans

It seems that side dishes are not as easy when you're keto, the simple side used to be some form of potatoes...mashed, fried, scalloped, bread, rolls, pasta, rice...all the thing we can't have now. A person can only eat so many salads and so much broccoli, we need to change it up. Crispy "fried" Green... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

I have made this a few times, and everyone has raved about it. I make it as a replacement for the typical "green bean casserole" that everyone makes for the holidays. I actually like it better anyway. There are a few options that I have made along the way also, including subbing out the celery... Continue Reading →

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