Dinners – Main Dishes and Sides

This page is always being updated with new recipes and ideas.

Baked CheeseburgersCauliflower Mac & Cheese90 Second Bread
BBQ Salmon or HalibutCauliflower TotsBeer Bread
Big Mac SaladCheesy Green Bean CasseroleBest Biscuits
Cajun Chicken and Creamy Spaghetti SquashCreamed SpinachChaffles
Cheeseburger MeatloafCrispy “Fried” Green BeansChalupa (Taco) Shells
Chicken TendersEasy Mashed CauliflowerCorn Bread
Chili Dog CasseroleFrench Onion Zoodle BakeCrusty Bread
Corn DogsFried Zucchini StringsFathead Pizza Crust
Creamy Garlic ChickenPumpkin Fries & HashLupin Dinner/Breakfast Rolls
Fathead Pizza CrustRefried BeansLupin Flour Beer Bread
Garlic Butter Chicken ThighsRoasted Cabbage w/Onion Dijon SaucePeanut Butter Bread
Halibut OlympiaStuffingPork Panko/Breadcrumbs
Lomo Saltado (Sauteed beef)Sweet Pumpkin CasseroleZucchini Bread
Parmesan Carbonara ChickenZoodles and CheeseZucchini Fritters
Salmon PattiesZucchini Fritters.
Sloppy JoesZucchini Skins.
Spaghetti (Meat) SauceKeto FriesBreads and Biscuits
Steamed Clams w/White Wine Sauce.Fathead Ideas
Simple Chicken Pot PieSide DishesNut free baked goods
Chicken Nuggets..
Broccoli Cheese SoupSALADS –SAUCES, DIPS, and DRESSINGS –
Chicken ChiliAlmost Potato SaladCheese Sauce
Chicken Curry SoupBlue Cucumber SaladCream Sauce
ChiliBroccoli SaladRanch Dressing
Egg Drop SoupSpinach & Strawberry SaladRoot Beer BBQ Sauce
Green Enchilada Chicken SoupZucchini & Blue Cheese Salad/Pasta.
Queso SoupButters, Sauces and Gravies
Spinach Artichoke Soup.Sauces and Dips
Tomato Soup..
Beef Stew..
Soups, Stews and Chilis.
Meatless Meals
Pizza Options

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