Keto for 1 (or 2)

Recipes always seem to be for 4 or 6 people…not all of us have that many people in our house or not that many people doing keto in our house. Here are some tricks and recipes for 1 or 2 people.

Don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be fancy….keep it simple, a serving of protein and some veggies can be a meal.

I am personally not a fan of left overs or eating the same thing day after day…but, one dish or ingredient can easily become another meal with a few changes.

Take extra chicken and dice it or shred it to make soup, sandwiches, enchiladas, quesadillas, pot pie or whatever else you can think of. In fact, if you’re making chicken for one meal, throw an extra piece in the pan to save time later in the week.

You can use the same trick for fish and seafood, use the extra to make fish cakes, tacos or throw it in a chowder or salad.

Ground beef is super versatile. I buy big packages of ground beef and make burgers with some and then fry up the rest and freeze it in serving size portions. Freeze them flat, and they thaw quickly for tacos, pizza, Big Mac salad, sloppy joes, mini casseroles and so on.

Steak is slightly more difficult, because I don’t want to overcook it by cooking a second time, but you can make sandwiches, wraps, sliced on a salad or even diced up in a beef stew. Dice it up with onions and jicama and make a wonderful breakfast hash.

Stir fry and soups are a great way to use up the meats and vegetables left in the fridge. One of the best things about soups, most of them freeze well to eat later. If you like scrambles and omelets, that’s another way to use up your left overs. Things I never thought to put in eggs before taste amazing. Just about any vegetable that is good cooked, is good on pizza, make a Fathead Pizza Crust and add veggies left over from side dishes and even meat if you want.

Fill zucchini boats with leftover meats or casserole fillings to turn it into a very filling meal. If you have a carb eater in your house, they can fill a potato with the same filling.

Having ingredients ready in your refrigerator can make quick meals faster, easier and tastier. Chop an entire onion and keep it in an airtight container, throw a couple spoonfuls in your pan while cooking. Having a tub of cream cheese makes it easy to make cream sauces or add to soups. When you grate cheese, grate extra so you’re ready next time you need it.

A meal doesn’t even have to mean planning, prepping or cooking, there are quick, easy meals that can be made last minute.

I don’t really “food prep”, but here are some other ideas for having foods and ingredients ready to go.

Here are some ideas to help when you want to eat as a family, but not everyone is keto

I love making Mug Cakes for dessert, they are perfect for one or two people. I also like to keep Cookies in the freezer to grab when I need to fix that sweet tooth.


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