Kid & Family Friendly

It’s always easier if everyone in the house is eating the same foods. Keto doesn’t have to mean separate meals…so many recipes can be ketofied. You can make meals that can be eaten by every one, even the kids can enjoy this family favorites.

Most kids like the simple stuff like burgers, hot dogs, spaghetti and pizza. Here are some of those recipes and a few others.

Here are some other ways to make keto work in a house with carb-eaters.

Baked Cheeseburgers are super easy on a busy evening, and a Big Mac Salad can please even the veggie haters, or how about some Sloppy Joes?

There are great options for hot dogs, sausages and brats…cooked on the grill or air fryer. Here is a Chili Dog Casserole that is pretty tasty. The chili from that recipe is pretty good on it’s own too.

You can make sandwiches with Chaffles or Wonder Waffles (the Wonder Bread of the keto world), they also work great for burger buns, garlic bread, or toast for breakfast.

How about Chicken Strips? Or Chicken Nuggets? These are a favorite in my house, even with adults. Even better when served with Keto Fries, Cauliflower Tots or Pumpkin Fries.

Corn Dogs are simple with fathead dough. Fathead also makes great calzones or Pizzas. Tacos can be made with cheese shells, low carb tortilla or Chalupa Shells.

Zucchini Skins make a great side dish or some “Potato” Salad. My kids always liked fresh veggies with ranch as a side.

Crispy “Fried” Green Beans are a healthy replacement for fries, you can also make zucchini fries, turnip fries, eggplant fries.

Replace mashed potatoes with Mashed Cauliflower and swap out mac & cheese with one made with cauliflower. Kids also seem to like raw veggies and dip, even when they won’t eat cooked vegetables. Spaghetti Sauce is a great way to get some vegetable in too, with zoodles or another kind of “noodle”

You don’t have to be a kid to love dessert, I like to always have Cookies on hand. If you want something quick, Mug Cakes are a great option. For special occasions, here are some real Cakes.

Breakfast food for everyone and some Lunch Ideas

More Recipes

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