Keto 101

A great starting place… Keto Basics

The science behind ketosis and why it works…The Science

Why do we need Fats?

Hydration and electrolytes are very important…Hydration vs Electrolytes

Not everyone in your life is going to be keto, but we can easily adapt… How to eat keto in a house full of carb’ers

Being prepared will make every day easier… Make Ahead-Meal Prep …Here are some simple Ideas for Breakfast, and some Ideas for Lunch. Being prepared where ever you are keeps you on track…. Grab & Go Snacks are a must.

Just because we keto doesn’t mean our lives have to change. Sometimes we want to or need to eat out….Eating Out on Keto. We can still go on Vacations and stay keto or go Camping. We can even go to and host Parties with some of these ideas. Holiday dinners are simple with these recipes.

People ask what a keto menu looks like, everyone is going to be different but this is A Day in my Life, and here is my basic Grocery List. The meats are the easy part, but sometimes we need new Side Dishes to keep our meals exciting.

Sometimes we have special dietary needs or wants because of things like allergies…Nut Free Baked Goods or Eggless Recipes or we want or need Meatless Meals. If you feel you need to consume less protein but are still hungry, Lower Protein Meals can be helpful.

There are some ingredients that we need keto substitutions for like brown sugar, butter milk or cream of mushroom soup…They can be made keto. Ingredient Swaps and Substitutions, and we need substitutions for things like noodles and taco shells…Simple Substitutions. The best substitution is Fathead Dough, it can replace bread, pizza crusts, tortillas and so much more

Desserts can still be a reality while on keto. Here is a Little About Sweeteners that can help you. There are Cakes or Cookies that keep that sweet tooth satisfied.

There are more recipes and information listed in the blog and always more being added. I also have hundred of recipes listed on my Copy me That page.

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