Don’t be fooled by trigger words…

GLUTEN FREE does not equal keto friendly. Gluten free only means there is no wheat gluten in a product, it can still have corn, oats, rice, quinoa, and other the other non-keto grains.

  • Those last few words can be a little misleading, some parts of some grains are acceptable (like the fiber), but in general the keto diet avoids grains.
  • Also gluten free means nothing when it comes to sugar and sweeteners. A product could be fully gluten free, even grain free…but contain tons of sugar.

Some products will say GRAIN FREE, these might be better choices….but, they can still have other high carb ingredients like tapioca, cassava or other “root flours”. These products also use the word PALEO, paleo is close to keto, but not quite. They don’t necessarily count carbs or avoid them.

SUGAR FREE doesn’t mean there is no sugar in the nutrition facts, it means there is no added, actual sugar. It can have honey or agave syrup and be sugar free, these would be high carb and not keto. SUGAR FREE also does not mean carb free, carbs come from everywhere.

NET CARBS when calculating sugar alcohols is another tricky one. Products like to claim very low net carbs when they have sugar alcohols, claiming that they can be subtracted…in reality, only erythritol can be subtracted in full, the others, especially maltitol can spike blood sugar and kick you out of ketosis.

KETO is a word that lots of product are starting to use, there is no regulation on this word, anyone can claim it.

ELECTROLYTES are a necessary part of keto and just life in general, but they sell water that says “with electrolytes” and in very small print it says “for taste”. The electrolytes added to these products are negligible amounts that do not help with your electrolyte levels. Always check the amounts of potassium, magnesium and sodium on the product labels to see if it has enough to matter.

This all comes down to doing your research…

  • Always read the nutrition panel
  • Always read the ingredients – This part is personal to your style of keto
  • Know the sugars, sweeteners and “non-keto” ingredients that you should be looking for – There are 61 names for sugar, for example.
  • Follow your rules of keto or low carb, make educated choices.

CAULIFLOWER PRODUCTS, everyone is jumping on this bandwagon. Very few of these products are keto or low carb. They have a little cauliflower mixed in with all the flours and starches. Pizza crusts, tortillas, crackers and others. Read the ingredients and double check the carb count.

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