Ultra Filtered Milk and Yogurt

I love yogurt, for breakfast, for dessert or for snacks….It’s good stuff and good for you. Milk itself is high carb, which means yogurt is also pretty high carb, especially if it’s sweetened or flavored. Greek yogurt can be lower carb, but still high enough that it becomes a once in a while treat. Yogurt is especially good when you are on antibiotics or for treating a yeast overgrowth in your digestive tract.

Sometime I want milk for a recipe or even to just drink, I don’t like non-dairy milks and heavy cream is not always appropriate for certain recipes, not to mention the calories in heavy cream are crazy high. I get my fats from my foods and don’t always need the extra from the heavy cream.

  • Whole milk plain yogurt averages 11 carbs per cup.download
  • Low-fat milk plain yogurt averages 17 carbs per cup.
  • Greek yogurt plain (nonfat) averages 8.5 carbs per cup.
  • The new YQ Yogurt (plain) from Yoplait is 2 carbs per 5.3 oz.

The reason it is so much lower is because it is made with ultra filtered milk so the sugar and carbs (natural lactose) is filtered out. This is the same process used for Fa!rlife Milk.

  • Regular milk is 12 carbs per cup. (149 calories)
  • Fa!rlife Milk is 6 carbs per cup.(150 calories)
  • Heavy Cream is 7 carbs per cup. (809 calories)Fairlife-for-web

This filtration process also raises the calcium and protein in these products, while filtering out the lactose, making these products easier to consume by lactose sensitive people.

YQ Yogurt is also vegetarian friendly (no gelatin) and contains no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

Fa!rlife Milks do not contain growth hormones or rBST.

These 2 products make it easier to make smoothies, chia pudding or just a quick grab and go breakfast. Add berries, nuts, coconut, flavored drink drops or extracts to make any flavor you want, any sweetness you want. Most sugar free yogurts are made with sucralose or aspertame, I would rather have stevia or erythritol. I feel that these are better than the original and hope more brands chose to follow suit. 

There is also a theory that the bacteria in yogurt “eats” the sugar, therefore leaving less carbs than posted on the nutrition label.

The brown pellets are a chocolate low carb cereal, nothing weird.

I am not an affiliate for either product and am only sharing the product information to help others who could benefit from using such products. People on low carb (keto) diets and people with lactose sensitivities.


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