Alaska Restaurants

Eating out can be fun and sometimes necessary, here are options all over the state with suggestions of what’s they have.  It can be a completely keto experience.

I have never found a restaurant I can’t find a keto meal, but most of these have something special on the menu or are very willing to make substitutions.


This list will be update constantly, if you have suggestions let me know or post them on the AlaskanKeto Facebook

This list is now available in an easy to use spreadsheet…. CLICK HERE and don’t forget to bookmark it.

Tips and tricks of eating out


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  1. Thanks so much for the list. The only thing I’m concerned with is the method of cooking. Like some wing places for instance deep fry in starchy oils that will knock you right out of ketosis. But most of this stuff is going to be nice to reference as a list of options when I feel like I’ve got non! Thanks!!!!


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