A day in the life


Going keto does not mean changing all your meals and foods. Don’t eat things you don’t like, though I do suggest keep trying new things and new ways of cooking things. You don’t need to throw out your old recipes, just keto-fy them.

I suggest using Instagram for inspiration and ideas, see what other people are eating.

Breakfast can be simple or even prepped ahead of time…

If you hate eggs, don’t eat them, but you could try some of the egg based pancakes or mug breads. There are so many options with keto.


While some people fast and skip breakfast all together and others go for a traditional bacon and eggs, my typical breakfast usually includes… Chia Puddings , YQ yogurt with berries or other mix-ins, or eggs made into muffins and crepes. When I feel that I need some extra fats I go for Ricotta Porridge (ricotta, butter, sweetener and flavoring). There is no rule that breakfast has to be breakfast foods, eat anything you like.

You can pre-plan and pre-cook with fruit muffins, breakfast muffins, or omelette muffins which are just eggs, meats and veggies mixed and cooked in muffin cups. You can also make pancakes or waffles in the moment, or ahead of time and reheat as needed.

My lunches are also very simple…

Leftovers from dinner are probably the most common, deli meat and cheese roll-ups are simple, salads or veggie/meat/cheese plates are great. I like to keep my lunches a little lower on the protein so I can enjoy a larger portion at dinner. Here are some of the ideas I use. Lower protein foods.


If I go out, I eat burger without the bun or ketchup, sandwiches without bread, tacos without shells …here are are some other ideas for eating out.

Dinners don’t have to be new or fancy

You can use any of the ideas from above, keto-fy your favorite recipes, or try new and wonderful recipes….

Meats and vegetables are the simplest way to go. Change them up with different seasoning and sauces. Butters, sauces and gravies help add your fats to your meals. Here are some other favorite ketofied sauces

Replace the starchy parts of your meal with keto substitutes like mashed cauliflower, cauliflower tots, zucchini skins or “mac” & cheese, add keto breads and biscuits . Make cheese shells for your tacos, fathead pizza crust for your pizza, use zoodles instead of pasta….there are so many ways to eat your favorites and to share your meals with the carb-eaters in your life. Standard family meals are still possible and even kid friendly

Desserts are possible too…


Cakes, cookies and just about anything else you might be craving can be made keto. You can make a mug cake for a last minute craving. real cakes for birthdays or holidays… chocolate, pumpkin or lemon. Cookies are great to take to events or keep in the freezer for that quick sweet bite. Peanut butter, butter pecan, and gingersnap. You can make fat bombs, cheese cakes, or the same chia puddings from breakfast.

More recipes…

Sample Menu


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