How to eat keto in a house full of carb’ers…

Not everyone wants to or needs to eat keto, but unless you have nothing better to do than cook all day, don’t make different meals for everyone. You can make a dinner that works for everyone.095d1-easy-cheese-taco-shells

While you are changing the way you eat, you don’t have to change your menu or the way you feed your family

I reply to a lot of new keto’er posts on other pages with the following statement. I thought maybe some of you would find it helpful too….

“I eat the same as I always have…only I replace the breads, rice, potatoes and sugar with acceptable substitutes. I eat pizza (fathead) eat tacos (cheese shell) I eat burgers (no bun or fathead bagel) eat spaghetti (zucchini noodles) I eat fried chicken (almond flour/parmesan and pork rind breading) I eat sushi (no rice, wrapped in cucumber) I eat steaks, chicken, pork, eggs, bacon, salads, and veggies…I also bake cakes, and cookies, because I can’t live without them…I like food, and if I’m going to make this a complete way of life forever, I have to make the food adapt to me, not the other way around.”

If you are eating the same menu you always have, it’s easy to include the family and friends that eat carbs. If you make burgers, they can have a bun while you eat yours without one, if you make spaghetti, they can have pasta while you have your zoodles. They won’t miss the sugar in the sauce. The fried chicken with almond flour and pork rinds is so good, they won’t even notice. Make them a side of carbs, potatoes, rice, fries, and you just eat extra vegetables. Make a nice creamy butter based sauce for your veggies to get your extra fats if you need to. 34d13-dinner01_slide-3fe223f875768309fbe02165a865c9c09c969ad5-s900-c85

Here are a bunch of family favorite…. Recipes

There are tons of kid friendly recipes you can make too like Chili Dog Casserole or Pizza.

Don’t feed your carb’ers your fat based sauces though, carbs and fats are a recipe for disaster.

Don’t be the party pooper when they want to go out for a meal either…Don’t say “Oh, I can’t, I’m on a diet” … GO, have fun, enjoy a night out with friend and family. You know what you can eat, and every restaurant I’ve come across has something I can eat and enjoy.

Order a steak with extra veggies and no potato. Order grilled seafood, burgers without a bun, grilled chicken, sushi without rice, if they insist on pizza, get a salad and eat the toppings off the pizza. 31363303_2053887951305913_1382285260863045632_n

Watch for sauces that have sugar (Teriyaki), avoid breading, and ask for extra veggies or a side salad instead of rice or potatoes. Avoid dessert and eat a keto friendly yummy when you get home

Maybe once your family sees that you are not missing out, they will try some new stuff too, but until then…don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. If you make extra work for yourself, you will give up this healthy lifestyle.

More info on eating out can be found here


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